Denon has launched the world's first internet-enabled AV receiver that offers 7-channel AV surround and 3-zone multi-room amplifier.

The receiver features an ethernet access, iPod and MP3 connectivity, HDMI upscaling and the Audyssey MultEQ XT room correction as well as calibration technology that is capable of creating perfect seats for up to six listeners.

The 4306 even has every Denon digital technology including the very latest DSPs and codecs.

Rather than for surfing when you are waiting for your DVD to load, Denon hope that you will use the system connected to the Internet to listen to anyone of the 2300 internet radio stations available globally.

Lazy customers will also be able to control and setup the AVR-4306 over the web as well as allowing remote access and diagnosis for installers.

The Denon AV receiver is iPod friendly as well. The unit has front and rear dedicated iPod inputs for temporary or permanent installations, full on-screen displays with remote control from AV Receiver handset, and the ability to play slide shows on the main display from the iPod Photo and 5G version.

Seven discrete power amplifiers and multiple-channel outputs, with independent audio & video processing capability allows a 3-room multisource/multi-zone home entertainment system.

Audio quality is maximized through Denon's latest DDSC-D (Dynamic Discrete Surround Decoder-Digital) with AL24 Processing Plus and Denon's Pure Direct gives great stereo for music. Denon also promise that MP3 and internet radio go through AL24 to improve the sound quality.