Denon has announced the first two AV receivers in its 2010 range, both of which comply with 3D standards.

Although existing AV receivers and amplifiers, with HDMI v1.3 connectivity, are compatible with 3D video signals, they can't carry the 3D Blu-ray flags TVs require for automatic switching (the codes that tell the TV to engage 3D mode). It is possible to switch modes manually, using the TV's remote, so owners of regular amps needn't worry, but to be completely 3D ready, every HDMI socket in the chain needs to be v1.4.

The two new Denon AVRs are the first from the company to feature 3D passthrough and HDMI v1.4a sockets - four in/one out on both the AVR-1611 and AVR-1911. Indeed, they share many features, such as Audyssey Dynamic Volume, a real-time level adjustment tool that helps bring obtuse advertisements down a notch or two, Audyssey MultEQ and Auto Setup, making calibration a doddle, and a newly designed universal remote control with the self-explanatory Glo-key.

They also both support Dolby Pro Logic IIz, allowing for extra front-channels on a 7.1 speaker setup, rather than discrete rears.

The major differences are that the higher-spec'ed 1911 also has onboard 1080p video upscaling from all sources, direct play functionality for iPod and iPhone (via USB). It also features seven channels of amplification at 125W per channel, the 1611 has five channels at 110W pc.

Prices will be around £350 for the AVR-1611, and £450 for the AVR-1911, and both black-finished, UK-tuned receivers will be available from July.