Denon has announced the launch of a new Blu-ray beast, informally dropping the S-5BD model number for a more manageable name - the Cara.

The name might be the only manageable thing about the device - its 7.8 kilogram heft certainly isn't and it comes with a spec sheet (and no doubt manual) that will give you a headache, while its £1999 price tag will certainly make your wallet hurt.

Specs-wise there's the usual claim from Denon of incorporating tech from big brother models as the Cara offers 5.1 channel surround sound, two-source, two-room distribution capabilities (so you can listen to two different sources - say CD and iPod - in two different locations), BD-Live and HDMI 1.4.

The player supports a mega-list of formats, boasts an array of inputs including SD card slots as well as iPod/iPhone digital direct playback via the USB port. It's due late March so there's a little bit of time to get saving - if you have space in your living room...