Canon has launched three new ultra compact projectors designed for maximum portability so they can be used in offices.

The LV-7265 and L-7260 both features XGA resolution and are equipped with 1.6x zoom projection lenses.

The slightly higher-end LV-7265 has a brightness of 2500 lumes, while the LV-7260 puts out 500 lumens less; both have a contrast ration of 600:1.

The LV-7265 also has a speaker for multimedia projections with a power output of 5W, and features a DVI input port.

A startup time of just 8 seconds means they don't take long to setup, although shutting down takes a half a minute.

In areas where space is at a premium, the LV-7265 can be placed as close as 2.8m, while the LV-7260 requires 2.9m to throw images up to 100-inch.

Both also can project on to wall shades other than white, and have eight presents that include Greenboard and Blackboard.

Canon has also announced the successor to the entry-level LV-X6, the LV-X7. It manages XGA projection at 1500 lumens, with a contrast ratio of 500:1, quiet 25dBA operation, and a 9sec startup time.