BT Vision is going to start charging its customers for access to BBC content.

Subscribers to the IPTV service had previously enjoyed free access to BBC programmes including Eastenders, which are also free on the BBC iPlayer.

However, customers must now pay for a £3-a-month TV Replay subscription to see them.

The BBC said that it will not make any money from the deal.

BT Vision, whilst acknowledging that BBC content is available through the iPlayer for free, insisted that its service will provide far better quality, in fact "top quality" viewing.

And it also admitted that BT Vision customers had previously enjoyed free access because of "technical issues".

It added also that BT Vision had "never highlighted this benefit in its marketing materials" - namely it was an extra perk as opposed to something customers had expected to get.

Channel 4's on-demand content, which can also be viewed online, has been a part of the TV Replay package for some time. .