BT Vision is now available for customers to self install for a one-off connection fee of £30. By avoiding the need for an engineer visit, customers choosing BT Vision Self Install can save themselves £60.

The Self Install option includes a pair of Comtrend Powerline Adaptors, which plug into wall power sockets and carry the video signal from the BT Home Hub to the V-box across the domestic power circuit.

The BT Vision Self Install equipment is delivered directly to the customer’s door by courier. BT promises self install is straightforward and can be completed in less than an hour with all the necessary equipment is included in the box, complete with a comprehensive guide.

This new initiative for the DIY option may be borne from the fact that BT has only managed to sell 60,000 of its BT Vision boxes since launch.

When the IPTV-enabled PVR was launched last year, BT claimed that it was aiming for "hundreds of thousands" of users by the end of 2007.

BT now claims that its target was always 100,000 customers by the end of December 2007 and that it remains on track to reach that figure.