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(Pocket-lint) - BT has renamed its BT Sport 4K UHD service, calling it BT Sport Ultimate, and saying that it would offer the best sports in 4K resolutions, boosted high dynamic range visuals and Dolby Atmos.

That's all true, but there are a few more hoops to jump through than we initially thought. It appears that while the platform will support all these technologies, you're limited in where you'll actually be able to get different parts of them. The biggest negative - and we hate to be the bearer of bad news - is that the HDR isn't actually available on your TV. 

Yes, the big thing stuck to your wall that excels in delivering HDR content won't actually be able to do so. For those BT TV subscribers who already have the BT Sport Ultimate channel up and running, that's only going to be bringing you the 4K resolution and Dolby Atmos sound that you had before. 

It seems that HDR is limited to the BT Sport mobile app at the moment, which means you'll be enjoying HDR on the small screen. Something is better than nothing, right?

Well, HDR is available on a wide range of mobile devices but we've never really found it to be as effective as HDR on a good TV, so that dampens the excitement a little.

That also means that other platforms running the TV app are only 4K UHD - so that's smart TVs, Xbox, Apple TV and so on. BT Sport has run some programmes in HDR on these platforms - the Champions League final in 1080p HDR for example - but it doesn't seem as though it is ready for the next big push in full-time HDR delivery.

BT Sport had said previously that HDR would be coming to the TV services, but that moment isn't now - and BT Sport Ultimate isn't quite as ultimate as everyone perhaps expected it to be on day one.

It's slightly confusing, but all we can say is hang in there, enjoy the sport, and we'll update you as soon as HDR does arrive on the big screen.

Writing by Chris Hall. Editing by Stuart Miles.