BT has been pushing to become the destination for sports, fighting back against the BBC and Sky for rights and coverage of some of the biggest sporting competitions. 

One of the first steps was launching BT Sport 4K UHD in 2015, which BT Sport Ultimate now replaces, along with the Dolby Atmos sound that it offers to BT TV customers. Adding to the mix, BT Sport Ultimate is also going to offer HDR, looking to boost the quality of the visuals.

Here's everything you need to know about the new service from BT Sport.

BT Sport Ultimate: Who gets what?

While BT Sport Ultimate will offer 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos, it's not as simple as everyone getting the same quality - not yet anyway.

4K UHD: This is available through the app on devices like Apple TV, Xbox, PS4 or Samsung TVs, as well as being part of the standard TV channel BT Sport Ultimate, formerly known as BT Sport 4K UHD. If you get that from BT TV or another provider, like Virgin Media.

Dolby Atmos: This is exclusive to BT TV customers watching BT Sport Ultimate.

HDR: Surprisingly, HDR content is only available on the BT Sport mobile app and only when watching in HD. Currently that's available to BT customers and and 5G EE customers. 

What will I need to watch BT Sport Ultimate?

The new channel aims to deliver content at the highest quality it can no matter the platform that you are watching it on (with the exceptions given above).

If you're a BT TV customer, you'll need the BT Ultra HD YouView box to deliver it and if you want the Dolby Atmos sound, you'll need an Atmos compatible TV, soundbar or receiver.

But BT Sport Ultimate also aims to deliver a boosted experience to those using smartphones and tablets, up to the capabilities of those devices and that's where HDR comes in. If you have an HDR compatible phone, for example, BT Sport Ultimate should be able to push that picture quality higher. It will be available to 5G EE customers first, before rolling-out to 4G monthly customers.

Ultimate will also be available to those app users on Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and smart TVs, but this option only gets you the higher resolution.

BT Sport says that HDR will come to TV - and there have been some trials of HDR streaming on TV and the app previously - but there's no date on when that's going to happen.

What will be on BT Sport Ultimate? 

The line-up of programming for BT Sport Ultimate includes a lot of Premier League football. BT Sport will be showing 52 matches and it says that "the majority" of these matches will be on BT Sport Ultimate. 

There will also be Champions League and Europa League matches shown in the channel, amongst other content.

BT also has the rights to Moto GP, Rugby Aviva Premiership and the Ashes in 2020 - but we don't know what will be showing on Ultimate.

BT SportBt Sport Ultimate Delivers Your Sport In 4k Hdr With Dolby Atmos Sound image 3

How do I get BT Sport Ultimate? 

If you're a BT Sport customer with BT TV and have BT Sport 4K UHD then you already have it. Just head to channel 433 that used to host BT Sport 4K UHD and BT Ultimate is already there, ready to deliver the goods. 

If not, BT has a full range of BT TV packages and BT Sport Ultimate is included in the Max 4K TV package.

BT has said that 5G EE mobile customers - who get free access to BT Sport - will have Ultimate first, before it rolls-out to 4G customers. This will get you access to HDR.

Virgin Media offers TV access to BT Sport Ultimate. For Virgin Media customers you'll find it on channel 531, but you'll need to subscribe to BT Sport as part of your package. 

For those on Sky, you can access BT Sport and you'll have to do this via the BT website. BT says that Ultimate is coming soon, but there's no precise details. 

If you just want to access BT Sport via the app - with BT promising you'll get the best experience that your phone or tablet offers - you also have that option.

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