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(Pocket-lint) - BT has announced plans to update its TV service during 2017 and there's a lot that's set to change. The biggest change will be the look of the interface and the speed at which it works. It's because BT TV runs on the YouView platform, which also announced updates to its platform towards the end of 2016, ditching Flash and using HTML5 and the cloud instead.

The new look BT TV interface won't be rolling out until sometime during 2017, but as long as your BT TV box is connected to your BT TV Hub, it will update automatically.

BT is also going to roll out a new BT Player section, which pulls together all the TV shows it knows you love to watch, as well as recommending others it thinks you'll love based on your viewing habits.

Within BT Player there will be a Free to Me sub-section that just shows you all the content you can watch based on your BT TV subscription. And if you purchase, rent or favourite any content from the BT TV Store, it will stored in a new My Zone area.

The BT TV app is getting an update too as it will let you watch TV shows that are part of your subscription on the go, as well as set recordings whether at home or out and about.

The other big changes come in the sporting arena. BT has added the BoxNation channel to its roster, as well as up to 20 Fight Nights and the Ashes cricket, all of which will be live on BT Sport. There will also be the usual selection exclusive Premier League matches and the entire UEFA Champions League.

A lot of sporting action will be shown in 4K Ultra HD, BT says there will be double the amount of 4K content in 2017 compared to last year. You will of course need the BT YouView+ 4K Ultra HD box, a compatible TV and be signed up to BT's 4K subscription tier.

Not only will sporting content look better in 4K, but it will sound better too thanks to the addition of Dolby Atmos. BT is the first broadcaster to offer the immersive sound format in the UK, but again, you'll need compatible equipment, such as a Dolby Atmos soundbar or AV receiver and speaker package. BT has also announced it will be broadcasting select sporting events, including the Champions League final in virtual reality via a new BT app.

The updates will roll out automatically during the year, providing your TV box is connected to the internet, but BT has said it will announce more details when the features are ready to go live.

Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 6 January 2017.