BT Sport has the sole UK rights to show the UEFA Champions League final. However, while you would normally have to subscribe to watch live coverage of the tournament, it is offering several ways to view the final, including in 4K, HDR and for free.

The match between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool will be the first all-English final since 2008, when Manchester United beat Chelsea on penalties after a 1-1 draw. There is huge interest in the UK therefore - in England specifically - and BT Sport doesn't want anyone to miss out.

Here then are the details on how to watch the match live in a format that suits you.

When is the Spurs v Liverpool Champions League final?

The final takes place in Madrid, at the Metropolitano Stadium, usually the home of Atletico Madrid. It will kick-off at 8pm BST (9pm CEST) later today, Saturday 1 June.

A preview show will start on BT Sport at 6pm BST before the match itself.

BT Sport

Is the Champions League final available in 4K HDR?

Viewers with a BT 4K-enabled set-top-box and 4K TV plan can watch the final on the BT Sport Ultra HD channel in 4K. But, it won't be presented in HDR - a full 4K HDR service is not launching until shortly before the new Premier League starts later this year.

You will be able to view the match in HDR, but only through the BT Sport App for compatible platforms: HDR-ready smartphones, tablets - such as the iPad Pro - plus Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs, the Xbox One S, Xbox One X and PlayStation 4. The other caveat is that HDR presentations will still be limited to HD resolutions.

That means if you want HDR, you are limited to to a maximum 1080p resolution. If you want 4K, you won't be able to view in HDR.

The BT Sport App will be upping the picture quality on its app to 4K in the not-too-distant future, but not in time for the Champions League final.

Will the Champions League final be screened for free?

Naturally, all paying BT Sport subscribers can watch the final through the app or TV platform of choice: BT TV, Sky, Virgin Media, etc. However, it will also be available for free to those without a subscription.

The UEFA Champions League final will be streamed live to watch through an internet browser at It will also be available to watch for free on BT Sport's YouTube channel.

Even access to the BT Sport App coverage will be free for the live final. That means you will be able to watch it on Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox One and smaller devices. Virgin channel 532 will also show it, even if you don't subscribe.

Is there any other way to watch it?

One final way to watch the final is through VR. A separate VR360 broadcast will be available on the mobile BT Sport App, with separate co-commentary provided by YouTuber Spencer FC. You can also choose your own camera viewpoint.

If you want to watch it communally, there will be club screenings of the final on giant screens at Space by M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool and at Spurs' new stadium.

You can also always watch it down the pub, of course.

You can find out more from BT Sport's dedicated webpage here.

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