As much publicised (on this site, at least) the BT Tower in London became a lightsaber at 8pm tonight (actually, 45 minutes late) for one night only, and while it may not have quite looked like our (now infamous) mock-up, it was still impressive in the flesh .

The "blue ray of light" on top of the tourist attraction was switched on by Anthony Daniels (C3PO) from within an exclusive star studded launch party, and although it was mainly stopped by London's cloud cover, both up close and from a considerable distance, it could be seen clearly.

It may not have looked exactly like a lightsaber, but come on... how many really expected it to even look this good?

Pocket-lint, therefore, extends a hearty thumbs up to Fox Home Entertainment for a magnificent effort, even though we spent about an hour and a half staggering around central London's streets trying to get the best shots. Thankfully, we think it was worth it.

The stunt was arranged to help launch the Star Wars: The Complete Collection and individual trilogy Blu-ray box sets, which came out in the UK on Monday and in the US Friday (16 September 2011).

At least this was one lightsaber that George Lucas didn't replace with a CGI version... Or did he?

He didn't.


UPDATE: While the world (well, some people in London) looked on at the lightshow outside, gathered celebrities mingled inside BT Tower in honour of the launch of the Blu-ray box-set. Pocket-lint has gotten its hands on the official shots, so you can take a butchers yourself.

However, our favourites - by far - are the two of Darth Vader holding the world's largest lightsaber, both with and without Stormtroopers by his side.

All in all, great stuff Fox... Although, is it nitpicking to say that Darth Vader's lightsaber is red? HD DVD anyone? Anyone? Please yourselves...

bt tower becomes star wars lightsaber image 10

Did you see the BT Tower lightsaber in London? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below...