American audio specialist Bose has entered the TV market for the very first time, but promises that its newly-crafted 46-inch VideoWave is more than a simple screen.

For starters, it isn't actually a TV as such; it doesn't come with a tuner. It is designed to be hooked up, via its separate Unify control console, to separate sources, such as a Virgin Media or Sky box. One lead then connects the media device to the screen itself.

However, what it lacks in internal content shenanigans, it more than makes up in innovation. Not only is it the very first component in Bose's arsenal to utilise the company's trimmed down, back to grass-roots remote control, the Bose Click Pad, it features an array of speakers within its beefy footprint that would make most home cinema systems go green with envy. It gives the VideoWave audio performance unlike any other flatscreen that has come before it.

At the front is a CCFL LCD, supplied by a "leading manufacturer", whereas the rear is where the magic happens.

The subwoofer, and low bass response, is supplied by the company's proprietary WaveGuide technology, cunningly looped in an "M" formation in the bowels of the beast. It downfires, so much so that Dr Hilmar Lehnert, manager of audio engineering, jokes that, "the side benefit is that if you sit it on a table, you never have to dust anymore".

Mid-range frequencies are supplied by a seven driver array; three on the left, three on the right and one in the centre. These beam sound around, bouncing off walls to create a pseudo surround sound effect.

Lastly, the high frequencies are achieved with the use of PhaseGuide sound radiator technology. But it is the digital signal processing that makes the whole unit sing with both precision and guts.

There is a price to pay for such innovation though, £6000 to be precise (6800 euros). However, it really needs to be heard to realise that this is in a class of its own. Expect it to hit retail in October.

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