21% of all adults in the UK don't use the internet at home, or anywhere else, reports the BBC on the back of new research commissioned to look at Britain's "digital divide" in conjunction with the government's new "Digital Britain" plans.

That equates to over a fifth of the adult population - over 10 million people - that are missing out on "employment opportunities, public services, as well as cheaper shopping, utilities and financial services" as well as the social aspects of getting online, says the government.

A large percentage of those unconnected Brits - 66% - are just "not interested", while 81% know "little or nothing" about it and 74% are not confident with using a PC.

The BBC has pledged to help people who want to get online do so and suggest friends and family helping out the digital don'ts, internet connected TVs for those scared of computers, financial help for those that can't afford it and "reassuring people that the internet is for them, can save them money and be fun".