The BBC has announced that it has added a new feature to the iPlayer that will let users email bookmarks of their favourite TV shows from the Beeb.

In an attempt to combat the age old problem of trying to tell people where the funny bit is in a TV show, users can now send a link to an exact moment in a programme rather than just to the beginning of the show in question.

In what the Beeb clearly hopes will appeal to the Twitter crowd, it has also created its own "short URL" system, it says, "to save you the trouble of having to use a 3rd-party service".

To use this new functionality, users just have to click the Programme Information link below the iPlayer video playback window to reveal the new "Send to a Friend" options.

Although not available for the BBC's radio shows at the moment, Anthony Rose, controller of Online Media Group and Vision at BBC says they "hope to add support for radio as soon as we can".