The BBC has revealed the top ten programmes viewed on the iPlayer, its catch up, video on demand service.

It's roughly 500 days since the iPlayer officially launched in December 2007, so a good point to take stock, and it seems BBC favourite Top Gear has topped the list.

As published by the Beeb, here is the list of the top ten programmes viewed on iPlayer since December, up to April, excluding one-offs.

1. Top Gear Series 11
2. Top Gear Series 12
3. Doctor Who Series 4
4. The Apprentice Series 5
5. Live At The Apollo Series 4
6. Little Britain USA
7. Doctor Who Specials (Christmas 2005 - 2008 inc. & Easter 2009)
8. Gavin and Stacey Series 2
9. Merlin
10. Mistresses Series 2