The BBC is to offer more features for its popular iPlayer catch-up on demand service that are likely to please fans, a Crave interview with iPlayer boss Anthony Rose, has revealed.

Rose has shared plans for a more personalised iPlayer with series link functionality, that will mean users can essentially "pre-book" downloads of programmes they want to watch, in the same way that Freeview+ viewers and Sky viewers can.

"At the moment we've got the website - you go there and click play or you click download. Imagine a future where things come to you, where you can subscribe to things and have favourites and so on", Rose told Crave.

"You'll be able to optionally log in to get enhanced iPlayer services: pre-booking, the equivalent of series link, and you'll be able to see which programmes you're subscribed to for automatic download".

Responding to user feedback, now that the recently-announced high definition iPlayer is in place, Rose says the team is turning its attention to possible customisation options. From Rose:

"Users are clearly telling us they'd like alerts and an online library, and having delivered HD and video quality that for the most part is similar in quality to TV, we now turn our attention to the personalisation and socialisation, and customisation of iPlayer".