The BBC has launched a new "visual radio player" that will go live for a week's trial for audiences to comment on the concept.

The visual player will be available for the Chris Moyles show on weekday mornings (6.30am - 10am) and Annie and Nick on Sunday night (7pm - 10pm).

Listeners going to the Chris Moyles or Annie and Nick pages during those times will see a newly designed window offering "complementary visuals".

The BBC says in a blog post that "visual radio is an important aspect of the way in which radio is evolving on different platforms".

The visual info will include network branding, the track that's currently playing and contact details such as SMS, phone numbers and email addresses as well as phone in poll results and more.

The BBC calls this "glanceable information", snippets of information that are suitable to radio content, that you wouldn't want to stare at, but is there if you hear something of interest and want to know more.

The Beeb states: "In future versions we may explore how we can incorporate interactive features, things like Radio Pop functionality or the ability to contact the show from within the player".