Ubuntu version 8.10, or Intrepid Ibex, is now available for download.

Key updates include native support for 3G networks as well as support for an array of inbuilt devices and external dongles.

"Ubuntu 8.10 sees us lay the groundwork for a radically different, more mobile, desktop computing environment over the next two years", explained Jane Silber, COO of Canonical and head of Online Services.

"Our rapid release cycle means we can deliver the elements to support this future faster, more fully realised, and more attractively packaged than the traditional OS vendors."

Another key improvements include an app that allows users to install Intrepid Ibex onto a thumb drive so that they can carry their OS around with them.

There is now, also, a guest session option, which means that a friend can use the OS to check their emails etc, without having full access to the machine and also without leaving any traces when they shut down their session.

The Canonical team has also done a deal with the Beeb so you can play BBC content using Ibex's inbuilt Totem Media Player. But, Ars Technica warns that a lot of your fav programmes, including Doctor Who, are still not available, and this is just a "step in the right direction".

And version 8.10 includes the latest version of X.Org, 7.4, means improved hot-plugging for keyboards, mice, and other input peripherals, and a mechanism to provide better troubleshooting for startup glitches.

Users can download Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop and Server editions (32-bit & 64-bit) as a bootable Live-CD or a text-based "alternate" installer from Ubuntu's download site.