Last year donations of old mobile phone handsets raised £350,000 for BBC Children in Need, and the scheme is being run again - this time angled as an ideal way for credit crunched consumers to contribute.

For every reusable handset received via the scheme, BBC Children in Need will receive between £4 and £80 depending on the model and condition.

Consumers can post their old phones into the appeal, either by putting the mobile phone in an envelope and writing "Freepost BBC Children in Need" on it, or picking up a freepost envelope at any 3 store throughout the UK.

The phones will go to Regenersis, a company that specialises in mobile phone reuse and recycling. Regenersis will refurbish the handsets and send them to developing countries to provide affordable communications.

Phones that are not suitable for re-use will be sent for recycling ensuring that nothing ends up in landfill.

To find out more or to download a Freepost envelope, visit