There was a complete rehaul in June - combining radio and TV content all on one page - then earlier this month, the BBC updated its iPlayer VoD service to offer better video and audio quality.

Now - the corporation has again added new tools to the video on demand service including series stacking - which essentially means that iPlayer fans will have longer to watch their favourite shows.

From 13 September, the BBC will keep individual episodes online for the duration of the entire series rather than the current 7 days.

Simon Nelson, controller of multiplatform and portfolio, BBC Vision, explained: "Series stacking will really make the unmissable, unmissable. Now, you'll be able to join a series half way through following a friend's recommendation and catch up on all the previous episodes - or watch them all in one go over a weekend".

"Series stacking marks a key development in our strategy to let audiences view our programmes whenever and wherever they want."

As a result of a deal with the BBC TRust, only 15% of iPlayer content will be available in this manner but this guideline will be reviewed after 2 years.