What a patriotic bunch we are - and quite rightly so with how well Team GB is doing over in China.

The BBC says it is pulling in record audiences for its online Olympic coverage as office workers tune in whilst at their desks to see GB racking up the medals.

And we're also getting online at home.

The BBC says that BBC Sport's live video coverage on Saturday 16 August got just under 3 million page impressions.

On Sunday 2.4m page impressions were received by the site with 870,000 unique users tuning in each day.

For the opening ceremony on 8 August, there were 2 milliion page impressions.

But the peak has so far been last Monday (11 August) when 4.4 million unique users visited the site.

Overall, there were 697,400 requests to stream or download programmes over the week ending 17 August.

Over the Atlantic - NBC's online coverage got 25m users in its first week.