The BBC has revealed the results of the first major piece of audience research among BBC iPlayer users.

Anthony Rose, head of digital media, BBC Future Media & Technology, has blogged about the results, that reveals who the average iPlayer user is:

"The typical BBC iPlayer user is a man aged about 40, in a full-time job, with a partner but no kids. He uses BBC iPlayer at home over a fast broadband connection, and accesses it on a desktop PC in the evenings - usually on his own, though sometimes his girlfriend watches something with him."

Other stats show that 32% access the iPlayer on a laptop, 51% on a desktop computer, only 5% of people were using BBC iPlayer on a Mac, 18% said they had "ever" connected their computer to a TV screen and 84% had never used it at work.

The feedback results seem particularly positive, Rose states: "People really like the BBC iPlayer - they find it easy to use, like the way it looks, and have recommended it to their friends. When asked, people usually couldn't think of anything that could improve it; they like it just the way it is".