The BBC has announced it plans to create an online video vault of on the web for all its programmes past and present.

The massive undertaking will see a web page created for every episode of every single programme ever broadcast on the BBC - spanning 81 years of radio and television - in a searchable archive.

In news that will no doubt delight the UK's ISPs - already up in arms about the extra costs they are having to foot as a result of the iPlayer service - the BBC will put info on every programme ever shown on the sites complete with links, clips - and - whole programmes.

Details are thin on the ground as to how this will be delivered and whether it will become an extension of the iPlayer catch-up service, forthcoming online video site Project Kangaroo (being developed with ITV and Channel 4) or a new online archive.

"Eventually we will add our programme back catalogue to produce pages for programming stretching back over nearly 80 years - featuring all the information we have on the richest TV and radio archive in the world", said BBC Vision boss, Jana Bennett, as the plans were unveiled at the Banff television festival in Canada.