The BBC has revealed that BBC iPlayer has now received more than 75 million requests to stream or download programmes.

The total number of requests for downloads and streams of BBC programmes in April was 21 million, rising from 17.2 million in March and representing growth of over 20% month on month.

Average weekly users of BBC iPlayer reached 1.4 million in April, up from 1.1 million in March, and approximately double January's average of 750,000 users.

The average daily number of requests to download or stream programmes via BBC iPlayer rose to 700,000 in April with Doctor Who and The Apprentice top of the list.

Also revealed was a demographic breakdown of iPlayer users, fairly evenly spread with 16–34s at 37%, 35–54s at 43% and 55+ at 21%.

Usage across different platforms was shown to see Mac users hitting 10% and Apple iPhone and iPod touch use at 3%.