Radio is getting into gear to ramp up user-generated content through a new Web 2.0 portal.

BBC has unveiled its new technology designed to heighten interaction with its audience. Jason DaPonte, executive producer of, showed the MIX07 Microsoft web technology showcase how Radio 1 listeners could create, personalise and share their music play lists and related content.

The technology will allow users to do several things at once on one site, load pictures, watch video, chat, listen to the radio. It is designed to share as much of the Radio 1 experience as possible.

"As the user's online footprint expands, Radio 1 would be able to recognise their tastes and offer them even more of what they like", DaPonte said. "Prototypes such as this illustrate the BBC's commitment to providing online services that are more open, personal and participatory than ever before, using the latest technologies to engage younger audiences."