The BBC Trust has said that it has approved the BBC's online iPlayer, which will allow web surfers to watch the last seven days of television over again.

The iPlayer, which has been awaiting a decision from the trust for some time, will give users the chance to see Doctor Who and EastEnders on-demand.

Ashley Highfield, the BBC's Director of New Media & Technology said: "What BBC iPlayer is going to do is simply offer you catch-up television on your computer, up to 7 days after transmission".

The service - which will launch later this year and is likely to be similar to Channel 4's offering - allowing viewers to watch programmes online for 7 seven days after their first TV broadcast.

"At any time, you'll be able to download any programme from the eight BBC channels and then watch it on your PC and, we hope, move it across to your TV set or down to your mobile phone, to watch it when you want."

Episodes can also be downloaded and stored for up to 30 days.

The BBC Trust gave the iPlayer the go-ahead after consultations with members of the public.