The BBC is to give listeners more control over what they listen to on the radio.

It plans to launch a service, dubbed MyBBCRadio, that combines services like podcast and the BBC Radio Player so that listeners can customise content.

The service will be part of a larger program called iPlayer, which will offer 7 days of BBC TV on demand.

Mark Thompson, the BBC's director general, released details of MyBBCRadio at the Radio Festival in Cambridge, saying that the BBC would try to share the ideas with the commercial sector.

MyBBCRadio will use P2P technology to let people share what they're listening to.

The new service will also track what listeners like to suggest similar music tracks and other content.

A BBC radio spokesperson said to ITWeek, "It is not a new product as such, it is a project that's bringing together lots of the stuff that radio and music interactive are working on at the moment across all new platforms".