A new show on the BBC plans to put contestants through one of the toughest elements of getting a job - The interview.

Called Headhunters, the programme will see several candidates grilled and a number of appointments made each week.

The show as so far teamed up with Firebox.com, the online gadget shop, to find an ambitious, intelligent, passionate and creative product buyer for its online store.

For £35,000, potential candidates should be able to identify new fads, attend trade shows throughout the world, monitor global press and online activity as well as generate innovative ideas and solutions.

The show aims to give the viewer an insight into what makes the perfect interview, what does and doesn't matter to an employer, what your body language says and the head hunters will bring out the best and worst in each candidate along with feedback.

The show will follow a very similar format to Dragon's Den and The Apprentice and be shown in the new year.