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(Pocket-lint) - Doctor Who fans will soon be able to take a trip inside Jodie Whittaker's Tardis, thanks to an upcoming VR short film from the BBC.

The BBC has announced it is working on an immersive VR adventure called Doctor Who: The Runaway. This is planned to be an animated interactive story that will allow fans of the show a chance to not only step inside the Tardis, but also to help the Doctor on her adventure. 

If you've ever wanted a thrilling ride inside the Tardis, then this is likely the closest you'll come to that reality. The interactive VR adventure is set to last around 12-minutes and features rich animated visuals that should make for a charming and stunning experience.

Zillah Watson, head of BBC VR Hub, said: "Our team at the BBC VR Hub has been creating new experiences with the goal of helping to usher virtual reality into the mainstream, and Doctor Who is exactly the sort of series that can help more people to try this new technology. The show has been pushing boundaries for over 55 years, and VR enables Doctor Who to explore a whole new dimension of storytelling."

Doctor Who: The Runaway will also feature new original music from composer Segun Akinola and a storyline written by Victoria Asare-Archer. It's being directed by Mathias Chelebourg, who has worked on other VR experiences including Alice, the Virtual Reality Play and The Real Thing VR.

There's no official word yet on which VR headsets the new film will be compatible with or when the short will be available, but we're expecting to find out more later in the year.

Writing by Adrian Willings.