(Pocket-lint) - The Rio 2016 Olympics are finally upon us and we can look forward to more than two weeks of action across a vast array of sports.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will also be streamed live around the world, with the former starting tonight, 5 August. So here is our guide on how to catch that and the rest of the sporting activities throughout the following 17 days.

You can catch it all on multiple formats, whether you are at home or out. Here's how.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games timings

It is important to note, especially if you are in the UK, that Rio is in a different time zone so events will be on British TV screens four hours later than you'd expect.

The Opening Ceremony, for example, starts at 8pm in Brazil, but its UK showing will start at 8.30pm tonight for a midnight start and run into the early hours of Saturday morning, 6 August.

There will still be plenty of action throughout each day though, that you can catch at reasonable times.

How can I watch the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on TV?

The BBC has the rights to the entire Olympic Games in the UK and it will start its live coverage with the Opening Ceremony at midnight tonight, 5 August.

Some events have already begun, with some football matches having been played already, for instance. But the majority of sports will start tomorrow, Saturday 6 August, after the Games are officially opened during the lighting of the flame ceremony.

BBC One and BBC Four will be showing the best of the action each day, although will also be able to access extra live channels through the Red Button service, available across different TVs, set-top-boxes and platforms.

How can I watch the Rio 2016 Olympic Games online?

The BBC Sport website will also be hosting highlights and live channels all day every day of the event. Just head to bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/rio-2016.

A daily round-up show will also be available on BBC iPlayer.

How can I watch the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on my smartphone or tablet?

The BBC Sport app for iOS and Android will provide all the news and details coming from the Games. You can also set it up to send you notifications of anything you want to keep track of. That includes Rio 2016 in general or any of the sports individually.

You can watch the live broadcasts through BBC iPlayer on your mobile device, streamed from BBC One and BBC Four, and links to specific live shows will appear in the BBC Sport app for you to scroll down to.

There will also be highlight packages available to watch each day.

How can I watch the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in virtual reality?

This year, the BBC is also offering Rio coverage in 360-degrees, so you can watch it on a VR headset and feel more like you are there.

You need to download the trial version of the BBC Sport 360 app for Android or iOS and each day there will be an event shown in 360-degrees.

This footage will work with iPhone and Android VR headsets, and in the Samsung Gear VR.

Here's a full schedule of what will be shown in VR and when:

  • Friday 5 August: 00:00-03:30 - Opening Ceremony
  • Saturday 6 August: 14:00-17:50, 19:30-20:20, 01:00-04:50 - Beach Volleyball
  • Sunday 7 August: 14:00-17:50, 19:30-20:20, 01:00-04:50 - Beach Volleyball
  • Monday 8 August: 15:00-18:00, 21:00-00:00 - Boxing
  • Tuesday 9 August: 15:00-18:00, 21:00-00:00 - Boxing
  • Wednesday 10 August 10: 20:00-22:45 - Artistic Gymnastics
  • Thursday 11 August: 20:00-22:10 - Artistic Gymnastics
  • Friday 12 August: 13:00-19:30, 21:00-23:50 - Fencing
  • Saturday 13 August: 13:30-16:50 & 00:00-03:15 - Athletics
  • Sunday 14 August: 00:20-02:30 - Athletics
  • Monday 15 August: 13:30-16:10 & 00:15-02:50 - Athletics
  • Tuesday 16 August: 13:30-16:40 & 00:15-02:50 - Athletics
  • Wednesday 17 August: 02:00-05:05 - Beach Volleyball
  • Thursday 18 August: 02:00-05:05 - Beach Volleyball
  • Friday 19 August: 19:30-21:30 - Basketball (Men's SFs)
  • Saturday 20 August: 15:00-16:50 & 19:30-22:00 - Diving
  • Sunday 21 August: 15:30-17:30 & 19:45-22:05 - Basketball (Men's Finals)
  • Monday 22 August: 00:00-03:30 - Closing Ceremony
Writing by Rik Henderson.