(Pocket-lint) - The BBC generates an enormous amount of content each day: TV shows, news, radio programming and the thousands of pages of new material added to bbc.co.uk on a constant basis. However, with so much on offer, how on Earth do you find stuff that's interesting to you?

We don't mean the headline stuff. Whether it's sports or current affairs, it is readily and easily available, but what about the rest? What about specific radio interviews or stories about the arts and crafts.

That's where BBC+ comes in. It is the Beeb's latest mobile application for iOS and Android that offers the vast array of content it produces daily in a simple, curated form. You can find the stories, clips and even entire TV shows that appeal most to you, all within a few swipes.

So this is our brief explanation of the app and a few reasons why you should download it...

What is BBC+?

BBC+ is a new app that is now available for iOS and Android. It presented curated content from the entire range of BBC output depending on your own personalised selections.

You will also see recommended content that you might not have through to watch, read or listen to before, all from a simple to use interface.

How much does BBC+ cost?

It is a completely free download, with no adverts or hidden charges.

It is simply a way of providing the same information, TV shows and radio clips available elsewhere, but in an easier to access form.


How does BBC+ work?

When you download the application and start it for the first time, you will be required to sign in to or sign up for a BBC ID account. You will then be asked to select the type of content you'd most like delivered to the app on a regular basis.

It gives you different genres and tabs to choose from, which will then determine what type of content you will be fed. For example, select gaming and you will see all of the relevant gaming stories, no matter which department they are posted under.

In addition, thanks to your postcode and location details, you will find local news content more easily than you have before. Which will also be trimmed and presented based on your interests.

The app itself has an "At a Glance"home page but as you swipe left or right, your interests will be presented in sections, such as arts and culture, gaming and even BBC iPlayer TV picks it thinks you'll most like.

Scrolling up and down on those subsequent pages will then present headlines and snippets of the stories. Tap on any of them and you'll go into the full version. Hit back and you can go again.

It is remarkably quick to navigate and over time will be refined further, as the Beeb discovers user habits.

For now it's well worth a download and although we've seen plenty of news curation apps in the past, many with more than the BBC to choose from for content, but few have the wealth of information and the inherent link with iPlayer and radio that make it so appealing.

Writing by Rik Henderson.