An update to the BBC iPlayer app has brought with it a handy new feature: the ability to sync across devices.

BBC iPlayer is one of the most popular apps across all platforms, serving up the BBC's catch-up service. BBC iPlayer has been groundbreaking in many senses, but the apps have been lagging in functionality behind things like Netflix.

The limitation has been that BBC iPlayer has operated in isolation on each device you use it on. There's no resume play, no link at all to your activity elsewhere. It has been completely siloed. Until now.

Pocket-lintbbc iplayer app now supports bbc id allows cross device syncing image 2

Now you have the option to sign in using your BBC iD and that will let you sync your favourites across devices. Yes, that's a baby step into the world of a connected cross-platform service, but it's a start.

Once you've signed in, your favourites will be synced across different platforms, meaning it's easy to jump to the programmes you like the most. We've found the option is available on the BBC iPlayer website, as well as iOS and Android apps. We assume it will come to consoles, smart TVs and set-top boxes too.

Ultimately, this is the first step in bringing more features to BBC iPlayer in the future. With BBC iD linking the apps together, we're sure that features like resume play won't be far off, meaning you can start watching on your smart TV and finish on your iPad in bed.

Registering for a BBC iD is as simple as entering your email address and a password on your mobile device, although there's also the option for Facebook or Google account sign-in through the website. You don't need a BBC iD to use BBC iPlayer, it just enables the new feature on your mobile devices, as well as letting you leave reviews, save recipes and so on through the website. You can also manage devices linked to your account.

Updates are available now on Google Play and iTunes.