(Pocket-lint) - An app for BBC iPlayer is finally available on Xbox One, leaving ITV as the last remaining UK terrestrial TV service to give access to its catch-up services on the platform.

Available as a free download, the BBC iPlayer app also makes use of voice control for those who also have a Kinect sensor. Shows are presented in 1080p and in all other senses the application looks the same as on other platforms.

"Users have a similar experience as other TVs, YouView, TV streamers and on Blu-ray players," said Peter Lasko, BBC iPlayer technical product manager.

It uses a HTML 5 base so the broadcaster can implement changes further down the line as minor updates rather than complete software rewrites. It also helps unify the service across all devices.

Voice control works like it does on the Xbox 360 with Kinect, but Xbox One users can also start programmes by saying their name or just to different categories.

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BBC iPlayer is now available in the app store on Xbox One and can be downloaded by all users, not just those with an Xbox Live Gold account. Xbox 360 owners will also get an updated application from the BBC in the near future which will enable the availability of content for 30 days, plus add new channel content from Radio 1 and S4C.

Writing by Rik Henderson.