(Pocket-lint) - The BBC has added 30 day catch-up to its iPlayer service, as promised a year ago. That means shows like Peaky Blinders and The Fall will be available to watch on the platform 30 days after their original terrestrial broadcast.

BBC iPlayer Radio also gets the catch-up extension so you'll be able to listed to your favourite radio shows up to a month after broadcast too.

"BBC iPlayer pioneered online viewing," said director-general Tony Hall.

"It is recognised as not just the first, but the best service of its type in the world. But we want to go further.

"Extending the catch up window to 30 days now makes the best value on-demand service even better. We have a fantastic autumn schedule and the public will now have more opportunities to watch the shows they love."

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BBC iPlayer already offers downloads for offline viewing on mobile devices, something many of its competitors are still to adopt. Since the launch of the feature downloads could always be kept for up to 30 days, but they still expire seven days after you first hit play.

The BBC has many other plans for BBC iPlayer to be rolled out in the future, including 4K video streaming and the choice of multiple cameras angles on certain programmes. It will also be launching a buy to keep service.

Writing by Rik Henderson.