The BBC has filmed a news bulletin in 360-degrees that can be viewed on Oculus Rift.

The experiment is part of the BBC's tests of potential new ways of broadcasting. It's already working on 4K broadcasting, after abandoning 3D last year.

A Fiona Bruce news bulletin was recorded using special cameras that offered a perspective which allows Oculus Rift wearers to look around while it plays. This means the entire BBC News studio and production gallery could be viewed by watchers.

For those with Oculus Rift who want to view it the experience can be downloaded via these links or PC and Mac. The links are also listed below.

Sky is also, apparently, filming a documentary with David Attenborough called "Conquest of the Skies" right now which will be watchable in 360-degrees using Oculus Rift. Imagine being able to feel as if you're stood in the middle of a jungle as David Attenborough explains what you're looking at. Best tour ever.

This BBC effort is still just an experiment so we're sitting tight and not getting too excited about trading our TV for Oculus Rift just yet. 

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