The BBC Sport applications for iOS and Android now include notifications for over 150 domestic football teams. You can sign up in-app to receive automatic push alerts for breaking news, including kick-off, goals, half-time score and result.

In addition, the BBC plans to add more alert types and functionality to control them in the the future.

The corporation claims that 71 per cent of the total BBC Sport traffic comes from non-desktop browsing. with football being a major driver. So it listened to fan requests and decided to implement a similar push notification system to the one used by the BBC News apps.

To set up push notifications, you need to click on the My Alerts link in the app menu, select the team and type of alerts you wish to receive. You can sign up to multiple teams.

You can also turn off the alerts through the same link.

Alerts are currently only available on the UK versions of the BBC Sport apps. The Beeb is looking to increase the feature's reach to outside the UK and Kindle Fire devices in future.