The BBC has said that it plans to extend its catch up service from 7 days to 30 days this summer.

In a statement from the Beeb, the corporation stated that the response is following requests for more time to "catch-up" with viewer's favourite shows.

"People keep telling us they want programmes to be available on BBC iPlayer for longer - so extending availability from seven to 30 days will make iPlayer even better. New iPlayer already has downloads, better recommendations, HD, live restart, favourites and collections, and extending the catch-up window to 30 days gives people even longer to enjoy their favourite BBC programmes. We will now set about making this happen with the aim to roll this out from the summer."

The news is expected to be welcomed by licence payers and comes at the perfect time for the summer holidays. Yes you'll now be able to catch up with those episodes of EastEnders even if you go away on holiday for two weeks. 

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Last month the BBC overhauled the BBC iPlayer, the first time since its launch, adding a number of new features.