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(Pocket-lint) - The BBC will screen a new CBBC comedy drama online only as it looks at other ways to release its content beyond the conventional TV channel route.

Children's show Dixi will start on 24 February and will be viewable across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms in the UK. There will be 30 webisodes in total, which will become available over three weeks.

The programme features teen Shari and will be filmed in first-person selfie fashion. It focuses on her experience with fictitious social network Dixi which she is addicted to until someone hacks her account. The drama then follows her goal to find out who locked her out of the account and murdered her profile page.

Part of the aim of Dixi is to help educate kids on the potential dangers of the net and to encourage them, and their parents, to consider the issues of online privacy and cyber bullying.

In addition to the screened episodes, the BBC will host interactive web chats and offer other content online. There will also be a mock version of the Dixi website that will be accessible from the CBBC homepage. The profiles of the characters in the show will be available on the site and children will be able to follow the messages sent between them.

"We know children's media habits are changing and we must innovate to reach audiences whenever and wherever they are," said Patrick Healy, head of product for BBC Children's.

"By the new approach to release content across the day, Dixi is a great example of how rich online content can work across multiple platforms and at the same time help children and parents engage with important issues and continue their learning online."

Writing by Rik Henderson.