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(Pocket-lint) - The BBC yesterday announced the launch of five new HD channels and now they’re available for you to enjoy. You'll have to wait for some BBC Three HD and BBC Four HD programmes though, as they won't begin until 7pm.

BBC News HD will be delayed until January to avoid problems in a rushed changeover that could result in losing news content for a short time.

Whether watching through digital TV, a set-top box, Sky, Virgin Media or anything else now is the time to update or automatically enjoy the new high-quality channels.

There are seven BBC HD channels in total. So where can these wonderous new channels be found? They’re moving to make that easier too.

new bbc hd channels are live now image 2

The BBC HD channels are available to Sky customers not paying for an HD subscription, but they will need an Sky+HD box to decode the signal. 

The boost in high definition channels comes after Ofcom licensed the bandwidth with Arqiva funding. This means there is now enough room on the airwaves to fit all these new channels.

Some Freeview TVs and set-top boxes will pick up the new channels automatically and some will require a retune. Freesat might need a 30-second restart. Sky and Virgin Media boxes should update and work automatically. For any issues consult the BBC help page.

Writing by Luke Edwards.