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(Pocket-lint) - Twenty million downloads. That's huge for any app. For a government-produced one it's even more of an accolade. The BBC iPlayer app, since its release two and a half years ago has been downloaded 20 million times. It's no wonder then that a huge 41 per cent of iPlayer viewers come from mobiles - that's 70 million requests in September 2013 alone.

This goes to show just how important mobile viewing is becoming. Back in September 2010 the number of views was just 5 million - that's a 1,300 per cent increase. And since the app started supporting downloads, which were added in 2012, the popularity has grown even faster.

BBC iPlayer viewing peaks slightly later than broadcast TV as people now watch it in bed from around 10pm. Mobile viewing is also popular first thing in the morning as workers watch shows on their morning commute. BBC Three programmes have been the most popular with Bad Education and Some Girls making up six of the top ten programmes.

The most downloaded programme ever is Top Gear Series 20 at 92,000 downloads, followed by the Top Gear Africa special at 79,400 then Luther Series 3 at 78,100.

Victoria Jaye, head of TV Content for BBC iPlayer, says: "Twenty million downloads of the BBC iPlayer mobile app marks a golden age of public service television and cements iPlayer's role as BBC Television's fifth channel, enabling audiences to fit their enjoyment of the full range of BBC programmes around their busy lives."

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 24 October 2013.