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(Pocket-lint) - The BBC and Twitter have entered a partnership deal, allowing the British media broadcaster to embed video clips with adverts in its Twitter stream.

Twitter introduced its Amplify program in May, in an attempt to highlight video clips like sports instant replays. Amplify specifically allows partners to embed video clips with adverts in their stream. Although just a few months old, the program already has agreements with Viacom and Turner Broadcasting, which has thus far spawned video content mostly about sports or entertainment.

The BBC revealed that its video clips are a bit different though, because they will be promoted under the hashtag #BBCTrending and will focus on news issues currently popular on social media. A BBC presenter will also host the videos - much like a typical news feature, according to Ad Age.

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BBC is therefore the first entity signed up to create original content for Amplify, as broadcasters like NBC have been repurposing its already-aired content. This trend of original content, though it's only video clips with adverts, should help Twitter as it readies for its upcoming public stock offering.

The IPO could value the company at around $15 billion, so Twitter is probably doing all it can to prove a stable business model and strategy for generating advertising revenue from Amplify. Such an initiative will need to woo investors who desire proof that Twitter can actually grow.

It's all about walking a fine line, however, as Twitter must also please users who might not want their streams dominated by too many video clips with adverts.

#BBCtrending Pilot Six from #BBCtrending on Vimeo.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 23 October 2013.