Update: BBC Playlister is now available in beta form at bbc.co.uk/music/playlister.

The original story...

The BBC outlined numerous plans for a digital future yesterday, including radical changes and enhancements to its iPlayer service. It also announced BBC Playlister, a music tagging technology that it will introduce to web and mobile so that users can tag any track they hear on BBC Radio and save it in a playlist for later use.

But unlike many of the other future ideas and concepts it teased yesterday, it has been revealed that BBC Playlister will be available in beta form today.

There will be a web client available from the Beeb that offers the Playlister functionality. And it is designed to work across mobile browsers too.

BBC Playlister users can save a currently played track, or one recommended to them in the client either through curated content from one of the many BBC Radio DJs, into a playlist stored under a specific profile. That playlist can then be exported to any of the supported partners, including Spotify, Deezer and YouTube. You will be able to listen to them, therefore using your accounts on those external services.

As well as music played during radio shows, you will also get the chance to Playlist tracks played during TV shows on the Beeb. The corporation plans more additional features in the future too.