The BBC has announced a new music service called BBC Playlister, a new digital music product will let you tag tracks and create playlists of tracks from the BBC that can then be imported into services like Spotify. 

"BBC Playlister will let audiences add and save their favourite tracks heard on the BBC to a personal online playlist, which they can then export to one of the BBC’s digital music partners where they can hear the music in full," explains the Beeb. "Music fans will also get hand-picked recommendations from their favourite DJs and presenters."

The first stage of BBC Playlister will launch in the coming days on PC and via a mobile browser, letting you remember tracks, and export and listen to them on your chosen digital music service.

Music-lovers will be able to quickly and easily export their playlist from the BBC to either Spotify, YouTube or Deezer and listen back to tracks in full.

Over time, the BBC says it will look to welcome a number of other services to the product.