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(Pocket-lint) - The BBC has announced that it will be launching BBC One +1 allowing people who've missed something to watch it live an hour later. 

"Any plan for channels starts with BBC One. Above all, BBC One needs to be on top form. It has to be the nation’s favourite channel, but also its bravest," said BBC director-general Tony Hall.

"We’ll also look to launch a BBC One +1 channel, too – it’s what audiences expect, especially younger ones, and it means people can get more of what they’ve already paid for."

The announcement, which doesn't yet have a launch date, follows Channel 4, ITV, and other channels on digital platforms who have been running +1 channels for sometime. However, it doesn't look like BBC One HD will be getting any +1 love. 

Charlotte Moore, controller of BBC One, added: "This is brilliant news for BBC One viewers, it means the content we pay for delivers even more value for audiences. In a world of increased choice, +1 will enable licence fee payers to have even more access to our broad range of programmes every day."

Further details on when this new service will launch and how it will be made available to licence fee payers will be confirmed in due course.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 8 October 2013.