Launched in 2007, the BBC iPlayer is probably due for an update. And BBC director-general Tony Hall is expected to announce a revamp of the streaming app on Tuesday for licence-fee payers. According to a report from the BBC, users will be given the ability to customise and personalise their viewing and listening choices. 

Exact details of how the app will look haven't been shared, but it's expected BBC will debut an app that will learn a user's viewing and listening preferences, and give them what they want to hear, when they want to hear it. It will showcase new pieces of content daily, with radio content integrated into the video portion of the player. 

BBC Radio 1 will gain a dedicated channel in the current TV selection tool, allowing listeners to watch exclusive performances and interviews not available through other mediums. Programmes from stations including BBC Radio 4, Radio 3 and the World Service will also be shown in the app.

In Tuesday's speech titled "Where Next?" Hall will discuss the vision of BBC through 2022 and how digital content will work over the next decade. We'll be covering what the executive has to say, so stick to our BBC hub for the latest.