Orbi is what happens when BBC Earth and Sega team up to create a tech-enhanced nature experience. The Orbi installation in Yokohama, Japan, is the first of many paving the way with a multi-sensory experience. That means BBC Earth videos playing on a 40-metre screen (Japan's largest) with a 22-point surround sound system - about as near to Dolby Atmos as you're likely to hear.

From birds soaring overhead to ocean waves crashing, it's all covered in 3D sounds complete with real wind, fog, vibrations, strobe lighting and even scents. It should be as close to a real Arctic exploration or jungle adventure as you'll get without actually taking a trip. Presuming you're already in Japan, that is.

While Orbi in Yokohama is the first installation, the BBC and Sega plan to create further installations globally so everyone can experience the planet as never before.