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(Pocket-lint) - The BBC iPlayer app for Android has been updated, bringing with it support for 10-inch tablets, among a few other tweaks.

Before the update those with a 10-inch tablet, such as the Nexus 10, would have found that app launched the BBC iPlayer website in a browser, rather than working as a proper app. The update puts an end to this, meaning that devices from smartphones through to 7-inch and 10-inch tablets are now supported.

The interface on a 10-inch tablet is pretty much as you would expect, with landscape or portrait orientation supported and offering navigation of featured, popular and channels, quickly and easily.

You can also mark favourites, making it easy to head straight to those programmes you want to watch regularly, as well as the option to watch live TV and listen to BBC radio.

You'll still need the BBC Media Player app installed, as iPlayer for Android has a rather odd arrangement where a secondary app is needed to actually stream the programme you want to watch.

The BBC also says that there's been a tweak to the design for smartphones and 7-inch tablets in this latest update.

One feature that's missing is downloads, meaning that there's still no offline option for BBC iPlayer for Android as there is in the iOS version. As always, there's note saying that downloads are being worked on, along with the promise of further big-screen optimisation.

BBC iPlayer for Android is available on Google Play now.

Writing by Chris Hall.