The BBC has revealed its iPlayer viewing statistics for March 2013 and the most interesting statistic is that the month saw more people stream content via a tablet device than a smartphone for the first time.

Of the 272 million iPlayer requests for the month, 41 million of those came from tablet devices. In comparison, 40 million came from smartphone. This doesn’t mean smartphone usage is dwindling, however, as that is the second highest figure in the media streaming platform’s life, just that tablet use is increasing dramatically.

When combined, mobile device use has almost caught up with the number of requests made on computer – desktop and laptop – during the same period. The Beeb has revealed that 128 million requested content through a PC, while 121 million requests came from mobile device.

The rest of the 272 million requests are made up of Smart TV, TV platform operators (such as Virgin Media, Sky and YouView), and games consoles. A staggering 17 million requests came from “unknown” sources.

Those figures account for TV and radio programming combined, with the split being approximately 73.5 per cent TV to 26.5 per cent radio.

The top TV show on BBC iPlayer in March was Top Gear, with the two parts of the Africa Special accruing a total of 5,745,000 requests (views). The top radio show was the first part of the audio serialisation of Neil Gaiman’s book Neverwhere.