One of the features missing from the BBC iPlayer app for Android is the option to download TV shows to your device. The feature has been part of the iOS version since December 2012, meaning you can watch without a connection, such as when you’re travelling.

In a recent update to the iPlayer Android app, the BBC introduced a couple of fixes, improving quality and returning the Favourites feature, but there’s no sign of downloads.

However, rather candidly, the notes in the What’s New section in Google Play read: "I know what you're thinking - 'Where are downloads?' Rest assured this feature remains a priority and we are working hard to determine when this can be included for Android users."

So it’s still on the agenda for the Android users and should be coming in an update in the future. Until then, we’ll just have to keep waiting to catch up with the iPhone version.

We’ve asked the BBC to explain what’s behind the delay and are awaiting a reply.

In other news, the BBC launched its BBC Sport app for Android on Wednesday, meaning you can get all the latest sports news direct to your device.