(Pocket-lint) - The BBC has announced that its BBC Sport app is now available for Android, following the release of the iPhone version in January 2013.

At the launch of the iPhone app, Lucie McLean, executive product manager for Sport at BBC Future Media, had told us that the Android app would follow a few weeks later, but that ensuring the app worked on a range of screen sizes was a key priority.

The BBC has been true to it's word, confirming that the Android app is optimised for devices up to 7-inches, so you should be assured a great experience on your Nexus 4 as well as your Nexus 7.




The content in the app reflects that of the BBC Sport mobile website but appears to lack some of the customisation that the iPhone version offers in this launch version. Future functionality will include that customisation, as well as home screen widgets, says the BBC.

Video is also supported, so you'll be able to watch the Six Nations through the app, so long as your device runs Android 2.2 or above.

The BBC has also confirmed that a version of the app will be made available through the Amazon Appstore, so if you have a Kindle Fire HD, you'll be covered.

The BBC Sport app for Android is available in Google Play, for free.

Writing by Chris Hall.